Drovers Connect

Making a connection is something which is fundemental to every aspect of life. 

I  want to make connections here between the TRANSHUMANCE, the DROVERS and the TRATTURI.
Follow my blog to find out more about my travels and the connections I am making.

I am travelling around the UK and Italy researching the history, geography and folklore associated with these routes which link us with the past. 

Travel with me to discover more about a part of history we share across Europe and indeed the world. 
But let's start close at home, with England and Scotland.

At the moment I am travelling around the north of England to gain as much information as I can about the Drovers, their history, and the places they travelled. 

Now in current times you may only wish to travel from your the comfort of your chair, so join me on my travels, but if you want to take the plunge and travel further or use the resources I am creating to make your own adventures, ENJOY ..
Walkingworld - Drovers' roadsalexkemp's diary | Highways & Byways: Roman & Drovers' Roads in Ware,  Hertfordshire | OpenStreetMapMap of Drove Roads of Scotland, Am Baile, EN316An old pack horse bridge on a drovers route from Ilchester, Somerset. |  British isles, England, Republic of ireland

My aim is to provide a series of links, information and resources to enable you to make your own journeys and create your own connections.
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