Molise does Matter

A little corner of Southern Italy virtually undiscovered and it has so much to offer.

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<p>A stretch of golden sand, and blue, blue sea</p>

A stretch of golden sand, and blue, blue sea

Posted 42 weeks ago
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Posted 42 weeks ago

Molise - Move It

 “Got off my butt”  again to coin an American expression.

I am back on my quest to discover more about Molise and to write about it.

This month I have been exploring in Venafro, Castel Nuovo del Volturno, Agnone, Jelsi, and  Torella del Sannio here in Molise and I popped over the border  Ortona to discover a little more about the if impact of  WW2 in the region. 

Briefly to bring my blog up to date then.


This town sits on the border of Molise on route to Rome. 

The most exciting things about the town are the castle, which houses some incredibly beautiful frescoes of horses, and are well worth a visit.

However my main interest in visiting was to see the private collection of WW2 memorabilia, all of which is housed in the old town. The curator and President is Luciano Buccio who as well as being Mayor of the nearby village Concale Casale brims with enthusiasm for the history of the region, and the part it played in WW2. 

I spent several very interesting hours there. I was greatly impressed by his knowledge and passion for keeping the past alive.

I hope to work with him in the future to ensure that his work continues and that as while we remember  those who died in WW1, a hundred years ago this year, we can work towards ensuring that the memories who lived through WW2 are not forgotten either.

THANK YOU LUCIANO for your hospitality.

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Molise Matters

This weekend at the OASIS in Cascalenda Carlo - warden and Event Co ordinator Angela worked tirelessly to put on an amazing event to celebrate an event which celebrated biodiversity.

Visitors over the three day festival were offered art workshops and an opportunity to explore this unique pocket of woodland with Carlo, an expert and exuberant naturalist.

The art workshops provided an opportunity to try out water colours with local Canadian and Italian Artist Loretta Gianetti from an association in Molise who run events and workshops.

At the event too was an exceptionally talented artist from Rome, whose passion for nature can be seen so clearly in his work.

Both artists shared their talents working tirelessly encouraging even those reluctant to put pen to paper.

A Local restaurant called “La Quercia” or “The Oak ” provided a scrumptious array of food ranging from pizza to jam tarts, a whole grain salad and a variety of other finger foods.

There is one thing for certain here in Molise, whatever the event you will never go hungry and this was no exception.

Everyone who came certainly seemed to enjoy themselves and the opportunity to discover how immersed in nature we are able to express ourselves more freely..

I too had the opportunity to run a workshop using clay, as well as demonstrate glass painting and promote the sale of my upcycled art workshops and products.

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First the rain then the flowers

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