L'Abbraccio del Tratturo

Meet the team..

Penny ..  

The crazy coloured one .....  An Educator, Storyteller, Artist , Writer,  Health Advisor and ALL ROUND HAPPY PERSON. with a head full of ideas and always ready for a challenge.


The practical one, farmer and engineer 



Ok, we might not look like the kind of couple you might imagine to be setting up a Magical Kingdom, Nature park, cultural centre,  and Cultural Centre but sometimes your eyes can deceive you . 

We know what we are doing, although still need some help negotiating and surfing through Italian Bureaucracy we are getting there albeit slowly. 

With Trish's practical skills, sheer determination and hard work combined with my imagination 


We have already done a lot to the land and are now in the process of creating a Cultural Centre here in midst of the countryside dedicated to the TRATTURI and the TRANSHUMANCE.

Having ignored the protestations of our neighbours to fell the well established Oaks  in our ENCHANTED WOOD for firewood we have instead cut a path through to create a place of contemplation to share and create memories.

There is still a lot to do, but not afraid of hard work we have a great deal in store for those you want to visit us, to look at the things we make, or explore the natural park we are creating.

Our biggest passions are the  TRATTURI and the TRANSHUMANCE...See our  TT  PAGE...

What are the TRATTURI?... They are a network of Drovers or shepherds paths which stretch across the south of Italy, and were once the routes used for the TRANSHUMANCE  - The twice yearly movement of cattle, and sheep across the country from the mountains to the sea to seek better pastures. 

We are really excited about working with others to realise the dream of re establishing the Celano - Foggia Tratturo , and other Tratturi in the region.

We have come to terms with the fact that the expression PIANO PIANO is a WAY OF LIFE,  albeit at times still very frustrating.

We are working with the Italian chairty LIPU - Which promotes the welfare of birds and nature here in Italy, and even holidays for those who want to immerse themselves in nature.


We are also working together with a local riding schools to create experiences here on horseback.

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You can follow the Tratturo which runs right across our land. .Image result for the tratturo


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For more information on our products or anything else contact us 

tel ITALY 0039 328 044 5925  UK 0044 7867 419833(whats app)

email molisematters@gmail.com

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Contact - Penny Barron 0039 328 044 5925 - 0044 7867 419 833 WHATS APP email molisematters@gmail.com

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