The Tratturi

What are the TRATTURI? 

They are a series of Drovers paths which run across Southern Italy. Many years ago they were routes along which cattle and sheep were driven.
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Sadly they have been allowed to fall into decline, and are now hugely neglected. Image result for  tratturi signImage result for celano to foggia tratturo
Parts of the original tracks are now tarmac roads, although there are usually ways around them.

Hopefully the UNESCO plans to put the TRANSHUMANCE on the cultural heritage list. The decision will be made later this year.

We live on one of the TRATTURI - It runs from Celano in the Aquila region to Foggia in Puliga passing through Molise en route.Image result for celano to foggia tratturo

The tratturi were routes along which shepherds and cattle drovers bought their sheep and cattle from the mountains down to the lowland areas seeking greener pastures.
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They are protected but largely forgotten as for many years no interest was taken in them at all, however now there is some resurgence in them, with local walking groups and horse riders creating opportunities to walk or ride along them. 

I am researching their history and the routes they take. 
My first book about the Tratturi has just been published, written for children it takes them on an adventure with a young donkey called Lucy, who follows in the steps of her Grandmother. I am working other stories to bring the Transhumance and Tratturi to life and to record  a very important chapter in the life of Southern Italy.

The task is not an easy one but I do not give up easily, so continue to take part in any events I can locally involved with the 
Tratturi, and the Transhumance as well as meeting with local people to trace the history.

There are list of resources here too so you can gather more information on this  topic.

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Penny Barron