Fabric Creations

My passion for art and nature inspires my creations, all of which are unique. I dislike everyone wearing the same thing. Perhaps it because growing up in England I had to wear a school uniform and then worked in the health  sector for many years so was forced to wear scrubs or another uniform.

As designer Gianni Versace said 

"Don't let fashion own you, but decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live!"

Image result for gianni versace original sketches 

I prefer to use natural fabrics and often use secondhand or refashioned clothes, although I do use newly created garments too.

My designs are made to order but I do hold a number in stock.

I can also paint on your garments although prefer to work on my own stock of fabrics and clothes.


These are painted to order and can be refashioned dresses, or new. 

Bridesmaid dresses and other clothes for the rest of a  wedding party can be created to follow a theme, and this can include fabric, bead or shell flowers too.  (SEE WEDDING PAGE)Qui

Coats and Jackets

I also refahion and paint coats and jackets, as and am working on a range of unique Jackets and coats for this Autumn and winter. 

Quilts, Cushions and Covers

As children grow out of clothes so quickly whilst I will create clothes for children I also paint quilts, cushions and covers for children. 

Here is just a brief selection of the clothes I have painted recently.