Living in the midst of the countryside surrounded by nature it is easy to connect with nature, as everyday one can see a new flower burst into bloom, or the leaves change colour on a tree, hear the call of a bird, or listen to the crickets clicking at sunset.

But for those who live in the city in an apartment surrounded by noise all this is lost. They might see a sad neglected tree in the town square or a few roses blooming in a concrete container.  Pigeons scavenging for crumbs are probably the only birds they see.

We want to change that and bring people closer to nature not merely to gaze listlessly but to understand just how every minute, every hour and every day impacts on every flower, every tree and every creature.

Come and join us to understand just what difference a day makes, see the leaves now turning golden on the trees, the olives ripening ready to be plucked from the trees.

Here at L'Abbraccio del Tratturo we want to connect with you and the nature in which we are immersed.

Our new CONNECTIONS CENTRE is  open every Saturday morning and some Sundays. We have a programme now which runs all year and we want to share with you.

Our first event was on Sunday 14 September  when we are held an open day,  some friends came over to visit and walked around our magic wood, listened to trees sing,  saw our fairy houses, created some land art with us, or we talked to a local guide along a short stretch of the Celano to Foggia Tratturo.

We have so many more plans for the rest of this and next, do come and join us or sign up for our newsletter.

For more information contact 328 044 5925 or whats app 0044 7867 419833 email