Celano to Foggia

Take the journey with us, and discover a wealth of knowledge about life in Southern Italy, now and in the past...

Our journey starts here just above the small village of Lucito where we live perched on the Celano to Foggia Tratturo. This trat runs  just a few metres past our house, and is perhaps why we became so fascinated by the history and geography of these ancient paths.

If you want to follow the Tratturi from Celano to Foggia, and other routes too contact me, as I can tailor - make an itinery for you. 

Celano to Foggia 

Starting to follow the path of the Tratturo from Celano in Abruzzo is easy at least to start with, as it fairly easy to find a small stone, although it is hidden amongst the grass, soyou have to be determined. 

Standing on the flat plain just below the Celano's imposing castle looking around you it is not difficult to imagine being surrounded by herds of sheep, and cows.

You can then set off along across the plain, although very little of the actual Tratturo remains. The plain is large however and stretches fo miles until it begins to climb you travel towards the mountains, although there are a number of villages as been enroute is clear from the geography of the area that both man and beast would have followed the valley floor for as long as they could. 

Travelling the route by road, one can grasp only an idea of what it must have been like on foot, and although the climbs are steady setting out on an adventure like that was obviously daunting. 

Laughingly of course the people taking the TRANSHUMANCE were not in any hurry. Although there was a timeframe in which they had to complete their journey they were certainly not under any pressure!

Piano piano they say here...