The Listening Land
Here in the Listening Land we have been busy preparing a range of resources to be used with our books, and the themes they relate too.
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Passionate about finding fun and interesting ways to bring the world to you in both Italian and English. 

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You can travel around Italy with a donkey called Lucy, sharing her adventures as she follows in the footsteps of her Grandmother exploring the the Tratturi, the Transhumance, Italy and perhaps the rest of Europe too. 
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The book is in print aand available on line or by ordering from us a our workshops, which we will be running all over Southern Italy this summer.

If donkeys are not your thing then you can follow instead a series of stories about other aspects of nature by joining the animals and birds here in our WHISPERING LAND. 

We have one story written already about our Long Earred Owl. He was fed up with the birds arguing over who sang the best
song, so he decided to orgnaise a talent contest, and the outcome was rather unexpected.
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We are preparing  Alphabet of Dragons too, and a book about them, as well as setting up an adventure trail for them too.
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As well as fairy stories and other magical creatures who often stop here on their journey to share a bite to eat, or take a nap under one of our trees. Just like the Mazzarelli ,,,, Can you see one here?
She is there somewhere.... look carefully... 

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