Our Products .......

We create a range of products made from locally sourced materials, all either upcycled or gathered from our land and beaches nearby. 

The region of Molise runs from the mountains to the sea, liberally carpeted with lush flower littered hillsides, fields of crops from Fennel to Beans, and orchards of olives, apples and almonds. 

The beaches of the Adriatic lap onto a narrow ribbon of sandy shoreline, where we are able to gather driftwood, and shells in abundance. 

Along the rock strewn river beds which meander along the valley below us there is a infinite supply of rocks and pebbles which also provide us with another source of art materials.

Another source is our own land  where we are able to gather materials using fallen wood, pinecones and other naturally sustainable products.

We are trying to encourage local people to clear out any old objects they don't want for us to upcycle or pass on to immigrant communities.

Although our resources are small, we collect and use upcycled materials which makes our creations both interesting and colourful.

All the products below are on sale, so please contact if you are interested in any of our products.

We look forward to hearing from you ... and would like to hear about markets or fairs where we could sell our products.

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